KITCHENETTE: London’s New Hub for Food Entrepreneurs

KITCHENETTE: London's New Hub for Food Entrprenuers

At first this just sounded like another pop-up – admittedly a very appealing one, with epic brunches provided by The Good Egg Cafe and cookery demos from top chefs such as Roast’s Marcus Verberne, all in a disused Citroen garage in Islington.

However, it turns out that Kitchenette’s aims are rather more ambitious: describing themselves as “a new social business with an emphasis on food”, they aim to accelerate and democratise the process of building a successful business for budding food entrepreneurs.

Gastronomes with great business ideas but perhaps a lack of connections/confidence/experience are invited to apply for 12-week ‘kitchen incubator’ courses, starting in early 2014 – in return for a 5-10% stake, they help you start selling and find backers. They’re also laying on classes on topics such as “How to Write a Best-Selling Food Book” (I’ve already bought my ticket to this one!) and “How to Build a Zero-Waste Food Business”.

Kitchenette ultimately hopes to procure their own permanent kitchen where “food entrepreneurs can learn from people who’ve done it before, swap knowledge, support each other and share suppliers”.

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